Importance of Motivation in Educational Environment



                             Motivation is described as the driving force for energizing and sustaining behavior; motivation can direct a person to achieve goals through various activities, which might seem dull and unattractive without the required motivation. It is understood that the level of achievement for any person is directly dependent on his choice, effort, persistence and impetus.

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Making the Most of Your Time While in University

                                        Image Universities generally provide student services which offer students an opportunity to prepare themselves for various jobs once they complete their education. However, providing students with certain skills and practical support is a challenging task. But with the right skills and sound planning, students can not only land great jobs, but can also grow and excel in their respective fields.

Baycity University always gives top priority to its students. The University offers well-designed student and alumni services which help students chart a sound and promising future. Students at Baycity University are encouraged to take part in voluntary programs, which help improve their work-related skills.

Baycity University offers a vibrant and student-driven learning atmosphere under the able guidance of professional and talented faculty.  It also allows them greater flexibility and convenience to pursue their education, without interrupting their personal or professional commitments. Unlike other online universities, Baycity is not just a money-making institute. It provides students an enabling environment where they can utilize their talents and skills in a meaningful way and at the same time prepare themselves to meet the intractable global challenges to thrive and grow in today’s fiercely competitive world.

 So how can it be done, particularly if the students have not yet made up their mind about the type of career they like? The good news is there being a range of capabilities and skills that almost every headhunter is looking for in potential recruits. Businesses call them ‘employability skills’.

Online Course Designing – an Art for Instructors

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                 Whenever there’s a need to create something, big or small, it always starts with necessary steps such as determination of the requirement, planning, designing, development, corrections and then finally an actual product which is capable of bringing the required change into existence. Designing anything is a crucial part of the development in any process. In online education, designing an online course is the main framework which establishes the structure of the course. It’s a tool which acts as a guide line for the instructors in developing an online course design.

The effectiveness of a design will help not only help the instructor to teach and support the learners but it will also help in guiding, promoting meaningful and active progress of the course. If an online course is not designed well enough, the student will often find himself misdirected and lost. He would not know where to begin or where to find material for learning, he won’t be sure how to proceed and interact with instructors or other students and he won’t know how to learn. Furthermore, if a student is concerned about technical aspects of the course due to ambiguous instructions, glitches, or cumbersome applications, the focus becomes not on learning, but on the technology—more barriers.

This is why there is a growing need for instructional designing for online courses. Now it has become essential more than ever as education is shifting to online virtual classrooms.

Baycity University is well versed with the importance of online course designing. Our experienced faculty works as a team to make sure that the courses are designed in a way to cater the needs of both the students and the instructors. Baycity University is recognized for its excellent online process with everything from the registration till the awarding of the degree is simple and entirely online.

How to Improve Students’ Online Learning Skills


Online learning is proving to be a fast growing and convenient way of learning since students can access their courses from anywhere in the world because. Over the last decade, online degree programs have become flexible, interactive and innovative. Although, online education has become easily accessible, there are still a number of aspects, for students, which might pose a challenge in the development of new skill set for online instruction. Continue reading

Adult Education and its Impact on Our Society

Since a long time, people had been concerned about the impact of adult education in our society, which serves mainly academic, leisure or vocational purpose. But just recently, have we figured another purpose for adult education and that is the ‘social purpose’.

The social purpose of adult education reflects how people can transform their entire life and take it as a chance to bring change in the society, and create a more democratic and reformed environment in every way. Adult education courses are often designed in such a way that the ‘immediate interests of the students’ are taken in consideration, this works effectively because it is from there that the best resulting progress from the student starts. Many activities are arranged to find the point of connection between the students’ initial interests. Adult education can result in seamless effects with regards to content and quality of life, mental and physical well-being and an improved ability to cope up with everyday living.

Adult education also helps in boosting improved self-esteem and confidence which helps in development of active citizen-ship, a responsive civil society and intercultural awareness. Baycity University has been playing its role for a long time in this domain. Due to its versatile and flexible education structure, students of all ages from all backgrounds are able to continue their education in their respective field of study and programs. Baycity provides highly quality online education which covers ‘adult education study’ within its wing. With it experienced faculty, and entire online process, Baycity is making distance an easy feat.

Virtual Learning – the present and the future

Quality online schooling is becoming a fast growing norm all over the world. With the advent of online education, traditional education is getting a major make-over. Alex Miles, who is an experienced virtual teacher and a strong virtual learning advocate, states that ‘With online education, we have an opportunity to innovate learning process. Continue reading

Benefits of Online Education

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Online education provides many benefits for students of all ages and backgrounds. A lot of people think that only college students can take advantage of online education, but the truth is that everyone, irrespective of their age or background, can benefit from this.  The Internet is awash with numerous online institutes providing quality and affordable education to students and professionals looking to better their career prospects. Continue reading